Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements to submit an application for domain name registration to the NIC-Panama are the following:

  • To have, at least, two (2) servers (DNS) of primary and secondary names.
  • Designate Contacts (Administrative, Technical and Billing) required to formalize the service.


  • If your organization not count with the support of servers, it would be advisable to ask for another organization that offers you access to a secondary server in operation.
  • The primary server, which will take the Zone of delegated Authority, must be reached from the root server .pa
  • The server can be located in any country of the world; with the exception of the domains .gob (Governmental) that will be reserved solely for governmental organizations of the Republic of Panama, in which case the corresponding server has to be located in Panama.
  • The administrative Technical and Billing Contact can be the same person.

The request of inscription of a domain name under .pa done by an applicant, implies that the same one:

  • Has knowledge of the technical aspects of INTERNET operations and knows the meaning of the terms and words that are used in their management.
  • Accept specifically and promises to accept and to abide by all the norms contained in the policies and procedures of the NIC-PANAMA without reserves of any type.
  • Discharge of any responsibility the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, NIC-PANAMA, PANNet and its civil employees and advisers, from the obligations, liabilities and other acts or facts that generate liabilities to the applicant, renouncing in advance to any legal action.
  • Admits that when registering a domain name he does not acquire rights of registered tradenames and accepts that it is the exclusive responsibility of the applicant to make sure that he is not violating the rights of any registered tradename, reserved right, reserve of names or any reference to intellectual property.